Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bag with Crochet

I bought some nice fabrics from Ikea during my trip back to Singapore last month and I used one of them to make this bag.


dapan said...

beautiful bag!
i have the same fabric! ^^

Audrey Wong said...

its soo pretty.
why dont you sell them?
i would love to have one like that..

Grace said...

Hi dapan,

Thanks! Heehee... great minds think alike! I love the fabric section of Ikea, how I wish I could buy everything back. ;-)

Hi Audrey,

Thanks for your compliments! I plan to sell my bags, but not now because I'm in the midst of moving to another country. I will set up an online shop early next year. Do visit my blog for more details then. :-)

aileen ♥ motu said...

i like the crocheted lace and flower!

Jme said...

Nice bag indeed. After I saw your blog, suddenly I feel like learning sewing.. :) Btw, I love your blogs.


Grace said...

Jme - Thanks for dropping by! :-)

rikki said...

I love this bag. I really want this pattern!! Many thx

Teresa Henderson said...

Hi where did you get the pattern for the bag from?