Monday, April 26, 2010

Crochet Handphone Pouch

It's been more than half a year since I last updated this blog. I don't mean to abandon this space for so long, but when I left Saudi Arabia in July last year, my sewing machine was shipped to Taiwan directly and I went back to Singapore with my dog, a crochet hook and a few rolls of yarn. I managed to crochet a few doilies which you can see in the last two posts, but crocheting soon bored me to death. I miss sewing dearly and I was also eager to try out a few sewing ideas that I came up with.

Finally I moved to Taipei to be with my hubby in February '10, and I'm really glad to be reunited with my sewing machine too! But when I just came over, staying at home to do handicrafts is the last thing I want to do, as there are so many places and fun stuffs to be explored in Taipei! So now it's been two months since I arrive in this city and I can say that I've seen enough, or at least I've explored a few majors places of interest, and also found out where to get my baking and sewing supplies. I've spent less time outdoor and also start to do more sewing and cooking. I've completed a few projects so far, and one of them is a handphone pouch, as shown in the picture above. I will have a lot more projects to share in the future, and so, stay tune!


KIT said...

I have also been busy since last august with my 2nd baby, and happened to check your blog today. I must say, I've missed you, and am glad to see you back at it, and glad to be back at it myself. can't wait to see what you've got for us.

Grace said...

KIT - Congrats on your baby and thanks so much for your support!